ALBUM – Minhas Raízes

Brazil Jazz Album “Minhas Raízes”


Minhas Raízes (My Roots) is a mixture of styles, sounds and colors of Brazil. This eclectic and original project aims to bring together the Brazilian music and Jazz.

Nice Brazil, of Brazilian origin, is the initiator of this project, wich presents jazzy arrangements at Bossa-Nova, Samba, Choro, Baião and own compositions. Including other multifaceted feeling such as the sounds of the big cities Sao Paulo, Rio and Minas Gerais; My Roots is an experience not to be missed.

This is my first Album production with my own compositions. With my own words and meanings. A moment of inner growth. I speak sincerely about love in the title  “When I Saw You”.

I was able to say goodby to my deceased father with all my love with the song “I Loved You”. I celebrate my ancestors in the title “My Roots”. In the title “For an There” I bring the question of time, life and death.

The CD My Roots is an intimate moment.  A thankful moment to the universe.

Thanks for listening !


Many thanks to Joao Luis Nogueira Pinto, Ricardo Fiuza, Edmundo Carneiro, Gee Hye Lee, Joel Locher, Valery Brusilovsky,  Matthias Trück, Tony Lakatos and Franco Petrocca which supported me in this project and contributed with their talent and musical experience. A luck and a great honor for me!

I am happy and proud to present this new project with the support of amanzing musicians, with beatiful compositions by myself and by Joao Luis Nogueira Pinto, arranged by me and João Luís Nogueira Pinto.

I thank my family and friends who believe in me and support me and my work.


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