Project JaZZ Popular Brasileiro

A little Tour 2019 with our great Band
Project Jazz Popular Brasileiro 

03.05.2019 – Birdland 59 – Jazz Club Ettlingen
04.05.2019 – Jazzkeller Frankfurt
06.05.2019 – HfK Bremen – Concert
07.05.2019 – HfK Bremen – Workshop Master Class Brazil Jazz
08.05.2019 – FREE
09.05.2019 – Jazz Club Hannover

Our Tour is being supported by Jazz Verband Baden-Württemberg

Nice Brazil (v), Ricardo Fiuza (p), Joel Locher (ac.-b), Fernando Paiva (dr)

Our Tour 2018 – ended on April 07th

Our tour 2018 of the project JaZZ Popular Brasileiro ended the last week with the concert at the Jazz Club Bamberg. It was a wonderful tour ! Great concerts, wonderful audiences, great cities. In addition, a CD Recording in hommage to the great Brazilian composers.

Viva a Música Brasileira !

I would like to thank the organizers for the support and mainly, I would like to thank my colleagues and excellent musicians for everything! You are simply amazing. Thanks  Klaus Mueller, Dudu Penz and a super special thanks for Portinho  (BR/USA).

Thank you Florian Poser and Ricardo Fiuza for the great featuring.


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