Vocal Coaching Online or in Presence


Hello !
You want to coaching your voice, learn the right techniques, know how to intonate ?
Discover your voice with individual and qualified singing lessons with a professional singer and music teacher.

In my lessons, I will teach you how to use your voice without fear, preconceptions and with an open mind. You will learn how to use it and how to use it courageously as a tool for positive change in your everyday life.

Target group:
Young people and adults with or without singing experience;
Further development for advanced singers (soloists or backing vocals);
Preparation for exams or studio recordings

The lesson program:
– Healthy use of the voice,
– Vocal breathing and technique,
– Articulation,
– Resonance and Posture,
– Intonation, Interpretation, Expression,
– Repertoire (ideal for your voice)
– Microphone technique and stage presence

You are a professional singer and want to learn how to sing Brazil-Jazz and Bossa-Nova? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Contact me for a lesson! I look forward to seeing you !

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